CCW Armored Composite Power and Control
600V, 90°C
Cable Tray Use, Sunlight-resistant, Direct Burial
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Conductor: - Bare, annealed copper conforming to ASTM B-3
- 10AWG and smaller are Class B compressed stranding per ASTM B8
- 8AWG and larger are compact stranding per ASTM B496
Insulation: - Cross-linked polyethylene type XHHW per UL 44, listed XHHW-2
Grounding Conductor: - Class B stranded bare annealed copper per ASTM B3 and B8
CCW Armor: - Impervious, continuously welded and corrugated aluminum alloy sheath
Jacket: Flame retardant, moisture and sunlight resistant PVC, black
Color Code for Power Conductors, 6AWG and smaller:
Cond. Num. Color Cond. Num. Color
1 Black 2 Red
3 Blue 4 Yellow
Color Code for Power Conductors, 4AWG and larger: - Black with printed numbers per ICEA Method 4
- For use as services, feeders and branch circuits for power, lighting, control, and signal circuits in accordance with NEC articles 330 and 725
- Class I, II and III, Divisions 1 and 2; Class I, Zones 1 and 2 hazardous locations per NEC articles 501, 502, 503, and 505.
- Installed indoors or outdoors, wet or dry locations, directly buried, embedded in concrete, in a raceway, as aerial on a messenger, or as exposed runs secured to supports in accordance with NEC article 330
- Recognized for use on fixed or floating offshore petroleum facilities as recommended by the American Petroleum Institute
- CCW armor provides an impervious barrier to moisture, gas and liquids
- CCW armor provides EMI shielding performance
- Meets cold impact at -40°C
- Factory assembled and tested cable for use as an alternate to cable in conduit wiring systems
- 90°C continuous operating temperature, wet or dry
- 130°C emergency rating
- 250°C short circuit rating
Part # Power Conductor Size Control Conductor Size Bare Ground AWG Nom. O.D. Lbs./M’ Recommended Fittings for Standard Locations Recommended Fittings for Hazardous Locations
Armor Overall
XAC31003 3 × 10AWG 4 x #12AWG 10 .750" .860" 430 STE050 STEX075
XAC30803 3 × 8AWG 4 x #12AWG   10 .890" .990" 535 STE050 STEX075
XAC30603 3 × 6AWG 4 x #12AWG   8 .930" 1.03" 660 STE075 STEX100
XAC30403 3 × 4AWG 4 x #12AWG   8 .970" 1.08" 815 STE075 STEX100
Note: The information in this specification sheet is approximate and subject to standard industry and manufacturer tolerances.  Please verify specific requirements with your Omni Cable account manager.