Value Added Services

Value Added Services

Omni Cable is proud to offer our customers a wide range of value added services, including striping, twisting, lashing, and dyeing.

Striping can be used to apply permanent color dye to a single conductor, insulated wire or cable. This can be done either longitudinal or spiral depending on the outer diameter of the cable, and aids in differentiating between two similar cables in the same tray or conduit.

Customers also have the option of twisting together any number of wires to form a unified group of wire. Twisting is a process which traditionally leads to the jacketing of cable, and is perfect for custom pulling configurations for specializing contractor requirements.

Lashing allows contractors to eliminate a portion of his/her labor by aiding in both securing and reinforcing the cable and support wire during installation. Failure to do so could result in sagging over time, and is therefore considered a cost savings method of hanging wire or cable outdoors.

Dyeing permanently changes the color of a single conductor wire. It is most effective on both PVC type wires and fiberglass jacketed silicone wires.

Contact your Omni Cable Account Manager today for more information about our value added services.

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